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Monday, April 25, 2011

Ceramics: Zhuni Ceramic tea cups/bowls

Code: P025
Price per piece: RM60 . 4 pieces available only

Type: Zhuni (Yixing clay) Tea cup/Bowl.  New old stock

Dimension:  Weight: 78-99gm each. H4cm x D10cm x Capacity 150ml

Comments: These are Zhuni (yixing type of clay) tea cups or bowls from Yixing, China made in the 1990s'. Zhu  means vermillion red, Ni means clay.As compared to the red clay (Hongni), the colours of these cups are slightly different with hue of orange/red, slightly sandy texture and a high metallic ring tone. Each was hand-made with slight differences in their weight. Suitable for deco as well as daily use.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ceramic Tea cups Set of 4

Code: P024
Price: RM160 . Available in red and dark brown clay.
Condition: New and unused.
Type: Ceramic tea cups set of 4 made of red clay from Yixing, China
Dimensions: Weight:520 gms incl. the box. The quality box can be removed to save on shipping charges if required. 
Description: All factory made with high quality red clay and a flower motif at the bottom of the cup. Suitable for daily use and decoration.

Blue & White Porcelain Tea Cups Set

Price : RM150
Dimension: 6 pairs of teacup. weight: 650 gms
Condition: New without chips or hairlines
Description: Nicely hand-drawn blue and white floral theme from JDZ. Each painting appears the same from far but are actually different.Made in JDZ in the 1990s'.
Suitable for decoration as well as for daily tea drinking.Using techniques for this set involves pouring the tea into the tall cup before into the low cup. Smell the tea's fragrance from the tall cup while sipping the tea from the low cup.Hmm...I love doing this in my tea drinking sessions. 
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