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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ceramic Tea Bowl With Persimmon Colored Glaze.

Code: P022

Type: Ceramic Bowl With Persimmon-Colored Glaze in Jian Kiln style. Each bowl is handmade and differ slightly in their color variation and glaze flow pattern.
Condition: Not used and without any chips or breakage.
Comments:Jian Kiln (Jian Yao) was once a popular kiln in Old Jian, Fujian China, producing many types of ceramics and porcelains for the ordinary folks. One of the most popular was the black Tea bowl (Tian Mu Wan) which was also incidently popularized by a visiting Japanese Monk when he was a disciple in Tian Mu Mountain and was said to have brought back some bowls from the temple to Japan later. The bowl (a bigger tea bowl actually) was hence named tenmuko (tian mu wan since it was from that area but actually was from old Jian, Fujian) and well received by the enthusiastic Japanese Monks and remains popular even now in Japan during their ceremonial functions.  
Various types of bowls were produced there but mainly of the darker colours of black or brown with interesting patterns to the glazes after firing in the kiln with names similar to for e.g. Hare's fur, patridge feather and oil spot pattern. It was widely known that black tea bowls were very popular during the Song Dynasty especially in open tea competition.

The brown bowl as above was also made and styled similarly to those from the Jian kiln. This is not an antique bowl but probably made many decades ago in China.
Price per piece: RM75

Vintage 1960's Youth & Hero Pens

Code: PE024
Type: Vintage 1960's Youth & Hero fountain pens Made in China.
Condition: New Old stock. Never filled.
Comments: Stumbled on this box of old pens in an old stationery shop which was styled similarly to Parker 51 of the 60's. During that era, Parker 51 was so popular that the chinese styled their pens after them with only differences in their quality of plastics and nib. Nevertheless, these cheaper alternative fountain pens were a favourite among students and writers in china or in south east asia. 
Price: Best offer

Thursday, November 18, 2010

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I have listed many more items at my other pages as well.

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Vintage Sheaffer Fountain Pen & Ball Point Set

Code: PE023
Price: Best offer
Type: Vintage Sheaffer fountain pen and ball pen set. Both with white dot, gold plate clip and silver filled barrel. FP F Nib marked: Sheaffer 585 14k USA.
Condition : Fine
Comments: Was restored and cleaned recently. Writes smoothly.Ca 1970's.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Vintage 1970's ST Dupont Lighter - Gold Plated With Black Lacquer

Code: L011
Type: 1970's Vintage ST Dupont black-lacquered gold plated luxury lighter.
Condition: Used but fully working without dents except normal wear.

1970's Vintage Ronson Comet Chrome Lighter

Code: L010
Type: 1970's Vintage Ronson Comet chrome lighter comes with customised sterling siam carved cover.
Condition: Used but fully working condition.No serious dents or deep scratches except normal wear noted.

Celadon Tea Cups from Longquan Kiln

Code: P024
Price per piece: RM30
Type: Vintage Rice-holed pattern celadon tea cups by longquang kiln, China
Codition: New old stock without cracks or chips
Comments: The cups are vintages from the 80's.
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